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Sociopaths= selfish people!

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Some people are selfish in all of their relationships. Those people are called sociopaths… well! there will be a lott of people who will hurt uh in lot of ways.. they will just leave u when uh need them the most… people are selfish nd the most saddest truth is we don’t realise that people around us who maybe we call our friends or family they also have selfish motive of being our friend… they will give a lott of excuses when u wanna meet them or want to talk to them… they will just use u nd leave uh when when our use in their life is over… 😌😌 the main thing is uh need to enjoy your own company nd stay with those who give uh positive vibes who were there with u when uh were left alone by everyone else around u… stay with those who love u the most… ❤️nd only uh can realise who r selfish nd who r loyal towards uh 😊

stay happy and healthy 🤞


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