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Milyin | 29th May, 2018

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Milyin believes in giving a stage to mankind to present their views and opinions. We want to ensure each every person has someone hearing him, may it be from any part of the world. For the same ’cause We have been working day and night. Really working hard. We have many achievements to feel proud about. Ad Sense Google’s platform that would be our source of income, has been a huge deal to feel proud. Usually Adsense requires a website to be 6 months old, and requires about a week for activation. We sent them our proposal on our 9th day and within 15 hour it got accepted. This could have never been possible without your trust and support. Team Our team has constantly been expanding, though we would like to keep our stats with us, but we can assure that we are growing in a upward curve. Our success has attracted more and more people to join the movement and present themselves leveraging our platform. We feel very proud when we read stories from someone who we don’t even know. Design Our design of website has been admired by almost everybody. We have beautiful themes, and pages that look phenomenal. Also We would be updating our Logo within few hours from now. We have our in-house designing set-up and we have been using extensive css, to improve our website, even further. We assure you that you would find your own audience and listeners with Milyin. We will keep improving till the day no person is left unheard. And this our promise.


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Milyin Creators



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