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First private Passenger Flying to Moon Teased by Elon Musk’s SpaceX leaves many in ‘curiousity’

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just yesterday tweeted about first private passanger to Moon over there Big Falcon Rocket. More details including price, time and name of the passenger would be shared on Thursday at SpaceX Headquarters

There are two three things that are generating major curiosity besides the question of Who is flying, #time and at what #price. The keyword of what Spacex #tweeted was #BigFalconRocket, the rocket that #SpaceX would use to send people to #Mars, and SpaceX has already said that the rocket would be ready by 2022, and wiupd take few years more there after for Mars. The point is that will the flight take place so late or is the Rocket ready to early. Also will the person be flying on Big Falcon Rocket with  Dragon Spacecraft or Big Falcon Spacecraft. Also is it a test flight or how frequesnt the flights would happen

The next is investments, SpaceX has been providing cost effective launches to the  industry for the flight he would need lot of funds that means huge costs for #PrivatePassengers. Another thing would be that will the person be flying through

The company tweeted on #Thursday evening, without any advance notice, SpaceX tweeted that is had signed the world’s “first Private Passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle.” Moreover, the company promised to reveal “who’s flying and why” on Monday, September 17. The announcement will take place at the company’s #headquarter in Hawthorne, Calif.

There were only two other clues—tweets from #ElonMusk himself. Was the rendering of the Big Falcon Spaceship in SpaceX’s tweet new? Yes, Musk said. And was he the passenger? In response to this, the founder of SpaceX simply tweeted a Japanese flag emoji. This would seem to be strong clue that the passenger is from Japan. Or maybe Musk was enjoying the epic Seven Samurai movie at that moment.

All other relevant #Details about #Flight to #Moon like name of person, date of flights, cost, no. Of people etc. Would be clarified by SpaceX on 17th September Monday


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