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Pixel Watch: Another Attempt

Pixel 2 hit or a miss… You can’t say but what is for sure is google is really serious about hardware. As another atempt Google hardware chief Rick-Osterloh finds his next opportunity in Watches. Android wear has been here for a while.

One if the most popular leaker on planet Earth Evan Blass says, Google is working on a watch and when he says it it’s more probable than not that it is true.

Now you know what happened with Pixel Buds a failed attempt to conquer earphones. What I believe Google is putting itself way to thin in these works, they can make less but great products.

When Apple made iPod it was 2001, when they made iPhone it was 2007 and when they made iPad it was 2010. At google it happened in just 2 years and they haven’t achieved much success in this time. I believe Google should slow down a bit and focus on Pixel then they can anytime get into other markets.

The Pixel personally i believe us the best phone in market but they haven’t have much financial success, and not to ralk about quality control issues. I believe we ahould give Pixel atleast 2 years and then start R&D for other products. Otherwise like nexus they won’t achieve success and few years later they would have to start agian from scratch with probably a new line up.

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