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Elon’s Future | Elon Week

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SpaceX has been working on having some flights with the Falcon Heavy. The starlink constellation is on testing and just 2 sattelites have been launched at this movement. SpaceX will use it as a part time project to gain cash to fund it’s Big Falcon rocket.

SpaceX has tested its Falcon 9 Block 5, which is the 5th iteration to the rocket and will allow it to be used over a hundred times eith minor inspections and checks. This is a huge boost to reusability and will even help reduce costs by huge margins.

SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket which would succeed the Falcon Heavy is still in developments. This rocket would be what SpaceX will use to reach Mars. SpaceX also plans to use it for intercontinental travel at really high speeds. It woukd take people from one part to other by going through outer space. SpaceX has promised that it would allow reaching any part of the globe within 30 minutes which at present ranges till 14 hours from normal flights.


Tesla is working on ramping up it’s production to meet the demand for Model 3 and start timely production of Tesla Semi, which is scheduled for 2019. The Tesla Roadster is also scheduled for 2020.

Elon recently told that it would have a advanced version of Autopilot, and the specs for Tesla Roadster told at the event were for base model.

Tesla plans to open more factories and charging stations to accomodate increasing demand internationally. Tesla has not recorded profit in past few years, though Elon has promised it will be profitable by Q3 of 2018.

Elon has also told that there would be a SpaceX edition. Which would be fitted with 10 rockets. Now that would definitely have some high price tag and great performance, of course better than the base model. Can it be 1.5 seconds, may or may not be but it would definitely be impressive.

Boring Company

Elon after these 2 companies is also working on other companies side-by-side. He is working on a company called Boring Company. Which used tunnel boring machines to dig tunnels for transportation.

But when its Elon, ordinary things don’t exist. In those tunnels or Loops as Boring Company calls them, there would be electric pods that would take cars through the tunnels. They plan to have it’s speed around 250MPH. The pods would be powered by solar energy. The tunnels would be underground providing more space on land for other purposes.

There is also another tunnel that would have partial vacuum in it allowing cars to travel at even higher speeds. This would be only for longer routes. No tunnel has officialy been opened, but Boring Company has just got the permission to build a tunnel from Chicago O’Hare Airport to Downtown Chicago.

Boring Company in order to fund its projects is selling its own merchandise like hats, and flamethrowers, believe it or not they are selling like hot pancakes

Open AI is a company that Elon established to tackle increasing AI in world. Elon wants to keep a check over AI. He wants AI to open to prevent any war against AI in future due to lack of control. OpenAI itself has built its own AI platform, that was powerful enough to beat the champion of a chinese game with dew hours of learning.


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