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Early Life | Elon Week

Early Life

Elon Musk, has been on earth since 28th June 1971. Born in Pretoria, South Africa. He held citizenship of South Africa, Canada and USA. In his initial life his best companion was hos brother Kimbal Musk. Both were innovative to equal extent.

Elon has told many a times that during his initial school days, he was bullied by students and he didn’t like to go school. He today is famous for his impunctuality and funnily enough he had that problem at that time too. Younger brother Kimbal Musk had too, tell the time 10 minutes ahead of actual in order to get Elon ready on time.

He gained interest in computer programming at age of 12. He made a game called blaster at 12 and sold it to a magazine for $500. His game blaster was an evident proof that he had interest in Space. His game was concept of a space ship killing intruders.

He was good in manipulation also, when he had to publish his code for blaster game wrote his name as E.R. Musk which stood for Elon Reeve Musk. E. R. Musk gave him a serious personality and compelled people to take him seriously.

He had a lot of love for reading. Often times when mother Maye Musk was unable to find Elon, She knew she needed to find the nearest library to get him. He whenever found a good book would sit there and start reading then and there.

He was very serious about his thoughts. He used to ignore all sounds when he was in his thoughts. Parents thought him to be having hearing problem. Doctor did an operation to remove some tissue for better hearing.

Elon had a great interest in Space. For which he read a lot of books to learn more and more about the same. He had an interest in electric vehicles also, but he never took it to seriously.

He was very optimistic in nature, specially regarding timelines which later can be seen in prominence, with his missing deadlines. At age of 17, to avoid compulsory military service of South Africa he runs to Canada

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