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Samsung Galaxy S10: Embracing The PIMPLE notch

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 E launched at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Event. Featuring cutout display, new processors, better camera setup, Samsung OneUI, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.

Samsung just released there newer editions to Galaxy series. This time they have 3 phones. Following Apple’s trend of 3 phones, they had Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 E. Though they didn’t follow trend of removing headphone jack.

In the era of working for bezeless smartphone, Samsung has its own way of doing this. This Samsung phone, that is Galaxy S10 will bring a cutout notch. In it the camera, would also be surrounded by pixels. It would be normal rectangular piece of display, with a small #cutoutwithin it that has front #camera. This has no practical advantage, but the fact that there are some pixels above the camera,  which make the whole edge of smartphone to light up, make it look attractive at first glance, there is a whole rectangle boundary of pixels, with the pimple in center. 

The approach is good for looks but it doesn’t have any practical advantage, and can be really annoying when watching YouTube. Samsung tried to hide the camera, by having wallpapers that were darker at the side of camera, so that they blend in easily. The cutout in even bad on Galaxy S10 Plus, which has dual cameras.

The S10 Plus would be featuring triple cameras on back and dual cameras on front. The back cameras have one wide angle, one normal and one zoom lens. The standard camera is also featuring dual aperture. The combination of the cameras is a killer. To accommodate these cameras the finger print sensor also had to move.

The phones now feature in-display #fingerprint sensor. But one like some other phones, they feature a bit different technology. They use ultrasonic sensors, to recoganize the fingerprint. This technology is slightly faster, more accurate, and more importantly does not require very well illuminated screen, as it is based on ultrasound rather than light. This allows it to function better in night. The fully loaded version of S10 plus can have 1 TB storage and 12 GB RAM. Just in case someone is too much into #PUBG.

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