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       An aimless life is like a ship that has lost its control over the sea. So every person must have a well defined goal in their life. Because it helps a person to understand the right path of his/her career.

      Every person has a set of goals in the life, which he or she wants to achieve at any cost. A person needs to work hard and also he/she needs a positive attitude which helps to achieve his/her goal. Therefore, setting a goal and to achieve it, is very important thing for a successful life. Because after achieving the goal a person’s value increases in the soicety. Some aims are born in consciousness while some bron out of external influences.

       The purpose in life of a person gives him/her a reason to liver the life with full of joy and happiness and make an example for others to live life in the best way like a goal achiever. A person’s surroundings mainly inspires him/her to set the goal of his/her life. Because both the society and our aim only helps us to achieve it.

        As an example if you want to become a doctor in your life then you should have to set an aim of becoming a doctor. Then you should have to study properly to achieve your goal and you should have a passion to serve people. If you want to become an engineer then you should have a passion to do something which helps us in our day to day technical life. Thats why aim will only be success when you have a passion to do some extra things for the world.

         Sometimes we got deviated from our goal because of the family problems and our health issues. But if anybody has a strong determination of achieving his/her goal then no problem can stop him/her to fulfill it. If you have determination and dedication towards your goal then the circumstances will make you more stronger to achieve your goal. Many problems will come in our life, but we must never give up.

        We all should have to remember that, after achieving our goal we don’t have to sit silently. This thinking will bring us down. So after achieving the goal, we should think that new goals are waiting for us. As we grow older, our goals should also grow. So we have to do our duty till our last breath.

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