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There was a teacher of a science School. His name was Ficom. Also, he was the teacher of material science. Additionally he was put out from a significant science lab where he was working. The researchers of the science lab accepts him that he has gone distraught. He generally gives the awful confirmation. Furthermore, Ah! What might be said about clarification, wrong to all before researcher. What’s more, subsequently his name was Ficom. He was tossed out from the science research center work. What’s more, he joins at school of designing.
                                    There was an understudy who was dealing with the historical backdrop of development and his name was Charcom. He loves the teacher Ficom for both were functioning as a decent accomplice even the Ficom was very scienor.
                                              Charcom was creating a framework where we can converse with past or future. So message scopes to Ficom. He is likewise seen it. What’s more, helps in making working. The framework was little of 10 inches yet research on it was convoluted and the framework was joined by extraordinary machines for taking care of business. The work was to associate with previous time or future time.
                                        So Ficom one day assembled the Charcom and a conference was made for Ficom was close to in making the time framework working.
                                So recipe was made and the framework joined to machine and it started working.
It came a message from future time:-
The message was…
Hello, I’m individuals representing things to come universe of earth and I really want assistance for all the human turned into the robot. Furthermore, who made us we don’t have the foggiest idea?

Then, at that point, mesage was finished. What’s more, the arrangement of time machine was quit working.
Then, at that point, the Ficom and Charcom stunned that, that was a right future or not. We as a whole will be robot one day what might be said about our humankind?

Sudhanshu Shekhar



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