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Ravikumar ThatikondaLast Seen: Nov 13, 2023 @ 6:32am 6NovUTC

The art of manipulating others through fake smiles. I have been receiving continuous humiliation from my colleagues lately. I am striving to be patient. Is there a limit to my patience? Is it possible for me to stay with these guys for an extended period? At one point in my life, I was arrogant, stupid, and selfish. My classmates always resent me in school. My childhood is unknown to anyone, including how I tried to avoid certain subjects in class. I was taught by someone how to live and lead without the constant presence of false things. I am aware of my regrets, especially for not achieving my goal and missing the chance to study abroad. I feel remorseful for not allowing her to stay with me. Yet, there is a person who only desires a calm life without deceiving anyone, working alone, living alone, and smiling alone. These uncaring individuals poke at me every day, attempting to test my patience. I’m unsure about the length of time I’ll be able to live this lifestyle. I’m worried that I’ll break up my promise which I have given to the person I love.

Ravikumar ThatikondaLast Seen: Nov 13, 2023 @ 6:32am 6NovUTC

Ravikumar Thatikonda


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