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The Mesmerizing Love

16th October 2023 | 40 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: Hey! One-sided lover,how are you? I know sharing your feelings can be a tough task. But don't worry one day all your wishes will be fulfilled. Just wait for God's cue!

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Innocence at it’s peak,

On your arrival my eyes literally speak.

They wanna say thousands of words,

But if confessed,then where’s the fun?

Too sacred to show you,what I feel,

You make me smile even in my worst dreams.

My job is to just gaze at you,

To be close,is an outlandish cue.

I don’t care,if you are taken or single,

All I want to see is your serene view in full mingle.

My love for you,is even a surprise for me,

It’s innocence is what makes me glee.

There’s no lust or jealousy in my heart,

It’s just your presence that make love’s an art.

Many years have passed,but I am still in your awe,

My eyes get mesmerized,that feeling is raw.

I doubt myself,if I will ever confess to you,

Well don’t worry your well-wisher’s got all your clues.

Me heart says it’s love,but mind it’s just  a crush,

I don’t care cause I want that love rush.

Never have I ever fallen for somebody so hard,

It’s a secret that my soul has barred.


Renuka K



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