Relationship Problems!!!!{teen-age}

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3rd July 2024 | 140 Views | 0 Likes

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Most relatable quote!!  “From talking till 2pm in the night, to 2 hour a day, to 2 minute a text, to nothing for a long time”. Those who have felt this would just remember that open person whom they have felt the same thing. But no worries. Its alright to end up something somewhere you never wanna go back to. But the root cause all these is/are complex feelings that have the potential to ruin a relationship. Specially many of us don’t have the courage to go with the flow. But the sad reality is that in order to  grow u need to do the same. Just go-on, move-on. And if u cant that just don’t demand life to give u success or whatever dream u have made. this post may be rude to some but it is the sad reality. Now talking about trust. many of our relations got ruined just because of it right? During this teen age we never ever get to know whom should we trust or not. But it is very crucial part of our life which teaches us for future.  Ya u can trust someone at this age but don’t be too mad that u have a strong feeling regarding that person would never ever cheat on you. That’s why one must read a lots of books which would teach u how to know a person by his thought, behavior, feelings, actions,anger and many more. But never have 100% faith on anyone until u have spend a lot of time with that person. Complex feelings are a major source of relationship breakdown. But how to get rid of it? Get rid of the relation as simple as that. Ya i m too straight but its true. And later if some energies(may be god for some people) really want that relation to continue they would surely help to make condition better. but don’t waste your time in resolving the same issue in you life again and again. It would lead to misery later. and why do u wanna continue just because u love him/her a lot. So listen u don’t need to be with that person in order to express ur love. It is from the heart not the body. It may be shit for some person but i don’t really care! Because at some phase of time u would surely feel the same and i bet it! Those who just don’t feel like doing anything just because u are not with him/her then go in front of the mirror and slap urself. Are ur parents spending just for this. They have given u a lot of freedom, so go and enjoy. Make ur own decisions in ur life, take ur own steps and go for it. In 80% cases relations just break because one of them is not doing anything in life and that is horrible. Love urself and ur parents. No other relation is that much pure and i have realized it. Because sometime someone tend to do such tings that are not necessarily required and than they start doing the same thing again and again. So why to waste time in making them understand what they don’t wanna. And talking about my case i used to get anxiety attacks in which its just the inside anger that does not find its way to come out and kills u inside. and in this case u tend to do such things that u shouldn’t and i have done a lot of such things. So u are much more smarter and treat people the way they should be treated. And one more thing don’t keep grudges in ur heart. There is no point of taking the same pain everyday just throw out everything, forgive everyone whomsoever did wrong with u. Because as i said energies are all around us and they would give what they deserve! that’s all! hope u liked my content so just share it and spread love all around u. NO OFFENCE;- “ishq hoti to bahut katil cheez hai, ya to duniya ka katal krke tumhe milegi ya fir tumhara katal krke duniya ko”!!!!!!!

Tejas Gautam



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