Why is Battlefield v hated?

DICE is known for their amazing artwork and great graphics in games.They now only deliver great graphicsand great narrative.All#Battlefield games are loved by gamers and Critics.Battlefieldmanages to engage us in historicgames and let us control iconiccharacters.We can play on every battlefield from killing hitlerto controlling #planes, from fighting in worldwar to take control of amazingweapons ,Battlefield has never failed in getting our attention until now.
The new battlefield “#Battlefield v ” the sixteenthinstallment in franchise was not loved by gamersas well as critics.Thereason was in the traileryou could see that one female character was having a metallicarm and was not at all closeto historyand in addition the former head of battlefieldv gave a statement that “All persons who are hating battlefield v beacuse of female you all are illeterate and didnt want the female characters to come in #games” this is not the actual thing that he said but he said something like this onlyand then he resigned.
Due to low preordersthey included the battleroyalemode in a hope that it could please playersbut again failed.Dice did a live trailer reveal conference and hired trevornoah and spent a hefty amount in all the processin hope that players would love it and trevornoah said a lot of false things.
Here are all good stuff about battlefield v:There will be no premium pass, so everybody gets to play all the maps just by owning the base game. That’s excellent.
There are no “pay-to-win” micro-transactions. This is also good, though DICE revealing that like it’s some big triumph is just absurd. The crowd cheering that a major shooter won’t have pay-to-win elements is also absurd. This shouldn’t even be a question and it certainly shouldn’t be a selling point.
The graphics look amazing, though I’m not sure if anything in the reveal trailer (below) was actual gameplay. Looked pretty scripted to me. The game will undoubtedly look very pretty, though.
Co-op is back. That’s cool.
You can use toolkits to build stuff like fox-holes on the battlefield. Also cool.
Grand Operations sound very cool—multi-stage, multi-mode clashes that sound even more epic than Operations.
It’s very squad-focused, which could be good or bad I suppose.
By all these things you might have got a ideaabout the efforts made by EA AND DICE to promote Battlefield V.
Overall this looks like a flop game to me which is not going to do welland company is trying to getplayers hooked but nothing gonna work .