Why Did Apple Get Rid Of Headphone Jack: The real Story

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Apple is a company, that has had the history of removing things. And I am NOT criticizing. Apple is great.
Apple ever since it’s start has been removing things. And that is the reason for it’s success. I am not talking about Financial Success, but innovation and better products. Many things they removed were not financially beneficial, yet successful

Back in the day, when computers were still under budding period. They used some inconsistent PS/2 ports to connect Mouse and Keyboard. They were never reliable.

Meanwhile came the USB, the USB seemed much more reliable, but Status Quo was the PS/2 port based mouses…( or mice *idk which is correct*)

As a result when Apple removed the PS/2 ports in favor of USB, it was criticized, and today no one knows PS/2 ports.

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Images (7)

Apple was the first company to move from 5.5inch floppy disk to 3.5 inch floppy disk. Apple was the first one to bid on newer storage technology in the first iPod to give people ability to store 1000 songs, which was far more than earlier.

In order to innovate you need to throw the old things out, to make room for new things. And many times people will criticize it. And, unlike assumed Apple doesn’t do it for profit.

Apple is a company, that challenged mant other technologies too. When internet came up, 2 markup languages, came up that seemed to dominate the internet. One was Flash and other was HTML.

Flash being the more powerful and prominent. Everyone was using Flash, and there was a really small audience for HTML. But then HTML5 came up, which was really advanced much better than the Flash.

Apple decided to go all in, Apple believed that, HTML5 was much powerful. When they shifted, people thought it to be stupid. Sites written for Flash didn’t work on the Apple devices. Apple customers saw black spaces when the software couldn’t understand the page. This #meme says it all


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Images (6)

But years down the line, today #HTML rules 100% of the Internet. Flash is dead, and now days, we don’t even bother to check about which markup language is used in devices. Many companies don’t even mention that in there specifications.

This rises some interesting questions, how does Apple know which is the right technology, and why do they incline to it.

For the sake of answering your question, the answer to first part is enough

Apple is a company that imagines a distinct future. An idealistic world, where they can make thing happen there way. For example, they imagined a world, where the mouse worked smoothly and was reliable, it was portable, required no maintenance whatsoever. And when the dreamt it, none of that was offered by the tech of that time.

But as soon as they saw a slim light in form of USB, they realized “Oh, this what we dreamt of”, and they switch it because it would be a step in the right direction towards the future they imagined.

Now coming to your question, Apple imagined a #future where accessories were of high quality, and there was no need to untangle a wire, they were light weight.

By accessories it meant whole suit of devices which can connect to them
They did not one but three things into there this vision. For laptops and Macs, they decided to switch everything to thunderbolt 3, because it seemed to offer wide range of applicability. They tried to first minimize every type of cable to just 1 cable in the form of Thunderbolt 3, that’s why there Macs and MacBooks come wit just multiple Thunderbolt 3s….

Second they Removed Headphone Jack, thus forcing accessories makers to shift to wireless solutions. This I will talk in a moment.

Third they developed there own accessories, including Airpods, to bring high quality user experienced to the public.

Now Headphone Jack, our beloved one, the headphone jack had been a part of phones since ages. Apple knew it, but wires mean mess.

Wireless is better than wired. That’s why the chord based telephones died, because they were wired. But Wireless had limitations, these included battery life, and a lot more.

Any new technology you name it, it has some drawbacks, Apple is a company that jumped onto this better technology and knew it is the future. They knew Wireless is better, and the current market had many wired earphone users that would be annoyed, and the options for wireless were thin.

But they had a dream of a #wireless , they knew that these things would eventually improve, and when these things did actually got to level, no one wants a Wired one.

It’s like #Netflix and #Blockbuster . The Netflix’s subscription based model was better everyone knew it, but they didn’t have the technology to provide movies easily. As soon as the technology was ripe, they were all of a sudden far ahead in race.

This raises one question, Bluetooth has been since many years, why was Apple late. Their are 2 answers for it. First, may be, Apple realized it to late. Second, Bluetooth 5.0 was what Apple may have waited for.

The iPhone 7 plus did not have Bluetooth 5.0, but may be they knew it was coming. They realized that it had good range, and it gave great advantages over wires. You could connect 2 Pairs of Bluetooth devices simultaneously and listen from both of them.

As his Apple’s history, #Apple always dreamt a distinct future, which was of just dreams, and not practicality, and then tried to make it true, whenever they found the recipe to make it happen.

Wireless ensured that they could do household work, with earphones in and not needing to have phone in pocket. Wireless ensured that they could connect and listen from 2 headphones at same time. Wireless ensured, their were no wires needing to be untangled before listening. And wireless ensured your earphones didn’t fall of when your arms by mistake stretch the wire too hard.

They knew that wireless meant battery drain, they knew Wireless meant, people would have to throw there existing wired devices. They knew Wireless options were less.
But most importantly they also knew that Every drawback of Wireless could be cured with time. (You can’t eliminate tangling of wires with better Tech, or eliminate earphones falling off when your arms pull the wire)

One thing they also knew, was that in order to truly focus on Wireless, removing wired as an option was really important. Which they did by eliminating Headphone jack
And guess what I believe Apple will remove charging port too someday, because Wireless is better than wired..

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