Why College Degree is Not Required to Get Job in Big Company

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Why qualification is not required to get job in big companies. Companies like Apple have stated that there is a difference in the skills that are required to be in college and the skills needed to be productive. Coding is a good example for it, according to Apple Coding is one example where no qualification or a degree is required. Bill Gates once said that everyone should learn coding because it teaches logic and thinking.

Elon Musk states that he didn’t study in Stanford but people who work in his companies SpaceX, Tesla etc. have studied in Stanford. This proves that education was not a factor to decide who remains at top position of organisations.

Abandoning the four-year degree as a qualification might feel like a dramatic break from hiring orthodoxy. But in some ways, it’s more surprising that so many companies still insist upon a degree in the first place.

Education doesn’t decide how bug you become, even dropouts like Steve Jobs form multi-billion dollar company. Such great entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, were world renowned and hugely respected, without a college degree

IBM top executive have told that 15% of there employees do not have 4 year degree, and still they work. It is very true that educational degrees are good and important, but they are not a necessity or a decesion factor.

If you have the passion and the courage to pursue it, success will follow you. The colleges teach us how to be conventional and simple. A innovative and a creative mindset cannot develop in colleges, and same is the problem with out schools. The pressure for grades makes them restricted to school books, rather then exploring the outer world that is full of possibilities and opportunities.

Usually people spend 4 years in college in one form or another, so that they can have good job, and those who don’t waste 4 years have to suffer. But this is not the case with Apple.

At companies like Apple if you can do the work you get the work. The candidate willing to learn, and accomplishing a task gets the job. A willing candidate is preferred more than a capable candidate. A person with experience and interest in field is respected.

We can see for eg. in case of Google, CEO Sundar Pichai had his education from IIT, the biggest institute of India, but studying further we get to know, that he did in metallurgy department, simply going by the fact that tech anf metallurgy are not related he could have been rejected.

In fact Sundar Pichai had to appear in interview 4 times before cracking the job at Google, his college degree played little role, his ability to solve problem was more respected. He was shown a beta version of Gmail, way back in 2004, before it was made public. As Sundar Pichai could recommend changes to improve it, he was a well deserves hire. This is a instance where a person had a degree but the degree was not the factor that got him job, and later helped him become one of the highest payed CEOs.

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