When You Mix Elon Musk Unified Field Theory and Creativity, Cars Fly

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When, you have to prove something impossible as possible, you need Elon Musk. This man knows not only how to create buzz in world, but also prove it true. Tesla Roadster of which i am already a huge fan, has become even more exciting.

Tesla Roadster, has the pride to call it self the first production car, to be able to break 0-60 record under 2 seconds. In fact in 1.9 seconds. What is even more interesting is that these specs were for base model. This implies that the cheapest model, wait ‘CHEAP!!!’ not cheap, less expensive model, will have this exciting specs. Other models would be far ahead in the race.

This is how you beat competition. As if this was not enough. Elon, as he tells in his unified field theory, explained here. He leverages power of all companies in each others works. This helps him reach greater height. Also, if a person can name a drone-ship, for his multi-million dollar reusable rocker as “Ofcourse, I still Love You”, he is definitely creative.

In roadster he recently decided to mix both of these things. He told that new roadster would have 10 small SpaceX rockets attached to it, in order to boost it’s speed. Well if this is serious, may be roadster can even fly, 10 small rockets would be a lot of energy. Also, what battery revolution will he bring so that he can power them.

These 10 rockets, would be amazing, and I believe that, they could get us airborne, provided government laws allow. Though they would not let us fly really high, or may be for even fraction of seconds, but I think this would be amazing. Well his basic intent is to give hardcore smack down, to combustion cars. Tesla Roadster base model, became fastest production car. I think Roadster SpaceX Edition would be able to compete easily with race cars, and still remain production car, and still remain environment friendly, and still have autopilot, and many other things, that would get clear, by the time of it’s delivery

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