What’s Wrong With India: Finite and Infinite Game

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India has been recently developing far more faster than earlier. But, we have never seen India at the bleeding edge of new technology, and never have we seen India innovative in recent past.

Just few months back Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inaugurated first phase of Delhi-Meerut Expressway: India’s first 14-lane national highway has today been partially thrown open to commuters.

I admit that a population intense country like India, needed a better transportation system, and this would solve problem for next may be 20 years.

I appreciate work of the government and it is delivered amazing. But was it innovative, in a intent of not criticizing the effort i would say that it will serve all purposes and needs for next few decades. But what after that. Is it sustainable, can we think of it as a solution for next century. May be not.

At a point in last Year, Elon Musk the CEO of Boring Company, was showing the world his hard work. Boring Company had developed a tunnel, through which cars would be transported at fast speeds. A single lane tunnel that using electric power would transport cars consistently at well over 100km/hr speed.

What’s amazing is, that it is all underground, so it doesn’t take up space on land, giving us more space to do infrastructural development. The boring tunnel is fast, weather proof, can be built any where, has less maintainance cost. They have a version of this tunnel called hyperloop that would use partial vacuum to transport cars in electric pods at even higher speeds.

The idea is amazing. And some what if it can be implemented in India, rather than 14 lane highway, 3-4 tunnels can do it far better. The problem is that it’s cost is very high, and it is still in trail bases.

The problem with India is that we are always playing catch-up, we try to do things that the world has already done, and improve it further.

India is playing a finite game, while we need to be a infinite player. A finite player plays to beat the opponent. A infinite player plays to continue the game. India always tries to be as good as America, but India should try to innovate the most. A infinite player would find new opportunities and see things that most people don’t see. A finite player always thinks out of the box

It is agreed that India it was more of urgency than a necessity. But innovation always happen at next curve. You need to invest into a raw fruit, so that you can enjoy it when it is ripe. It is the circumstances of the country that we can’t put that much money for it

But, this project if implemented properly it could be taken for many many decades. “If we try to play it safe, we will always end up in mediocrity.”

Today we have our eyes over the fact that we need more longer and wider roads for better transport. People reject the idea of Boring Company, because it still has some issues to fix. And this a mediocre conservative approach. Years later when the Loop becomes a reality, we would say the roads are garbage and we need it. By the time we realise thar hyperloops and loops are good and realize the fact that we need it, we would be years late. And that is the attitude that makes things wrong with India. I agree, that it may have many troubles initialy, but it has much more capability. In India having good roads is urgency and we can’t wait.

But the fact that we completely ignore them is wrong. Now please, i am a nationalist and i pray for better India everyday. My motive is not to criticize any political group or appreciate a government, i very well understand that in lack of basic necessities in our country, it is urgent to have roads. But completely ignoring innovative ideas, or ignoring the next curve in the technology is wrong. That is what is Wrong with India. India needs to become infinite player and work to make better infrastructure, than to copy US. This will help them grow beyond all and become supreme.

Supporting newer technology will take us a step ahead will definitely have some pain. And Success is when the reality is exactly same as our imagination. We imagine a smooth high speed transportation in future. And India can be successful if people’s this imagination becomes reality.

Similarly goes the story with traffic lights. A few weeks ago i was watching a YouTube video from, What’s Inside Family. The man behind it Dan Markham, showed in it What was inside a traffic light. In later portion of the video he shows the brain of these traffic lights. The computer of the traffic light, controls the timing of lights and adjusts it as per time of day.

Emergency vehicles can beam a infrared signal that the traffic light picks up, and automatically adjusts the lights to green for the emergency vehicle, so that the movement for the emergency vehicle can be speeded up, and delay be reduced.

This is a good idea. In India we don’t even have light that function properly all the time. At present we invest money in changing these lights.

If rather we put a bit more money and get this advanced and better lights it would be much better. And obviously having simple lights and then replacing them with these lights will cost more than directly putting these advanced lights. But as i said things thar are wrong with India, include this attitude. This is a shear wastage of money.

Putting better traffic lights altogether will save lot of money, man power and time. But that is the thing wrong with India. We need to be on next curve, and support every budding technology and innovation, so that we can remain more effeceint, and become more productive.

India is a great country. I am a proud Indian, and it is good that government is improving, but we need to make the curves right. We need to be on the next curve, so that we can solve everything wrong with India

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