What’s Wrong With Apple Under Tim Cook in 2019

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Apple is a really powerful and successful company. But what’s wrong with Apple under Tim Cook in 2019. Apple has always been innovating.

Last year it became the first ever company worth a Trillion dollar. The success and the growth that they have seen is still amazing, and must be appreciated.

But the true fans of Apple know, that they are capable of doing much more. It seems now a days that Apple has lost its magic. The magic, the creativity, of Apple seems to be diluting.

After the news of departure of Jony Ive, the great designer and an amazing Jem of Apple, it seems that there must be something wrong with Tim Cook leadership.

No doubt Tim Cook’s contribution to Apple is amazing. #TimCook , has given Apple, the Apple Watch and the AirPods, both are doing really great.

But What’s Wrong With Apple under Tim Cook in 2019

Well, I shall narrate you a #story about Apple from last year. There came reports that Apple was slowing down there old phones. This was not a mistake, but it was done intentionally.

Moreover it was kept private to them for long. When the news revealed, people assumed that Apple did it to force people to buy newer iPhones. But the story known is incomplete.

I had a 6 year old android phone, for which i never replaced a battery. I observed that upon little bit of usage, it would randomly switch off, i took it to the service center they told me, that the battery of the phone was the trouble. An old battery cannot accomodate the processor, and as a result it causes the phone to switch off. This all happened about 2 years back. I wished it could be corrected by some means.

What Apple did was actually right. They realised that if people use 2 or 3 year old phone, they didn’t want the most powerful phone, they wanted a more consistent phone. None of the iPhones switched off randomly. Meaning that it was better and much easier to rely on them

Moreover, Apple, would make the phone fast again, if there was a battery replacement that took place. They understood, that if a person keeps a phone for 2-3 or more years, then he doesn’t want the most powerful, or the latest phone, but he wants a phone that runs consistently.

So what’s wrong with Tim Cook. Well Tim Cook could not manage the public perception. He could have told the public, that they did it with good intent, and they could have shown that a phone could switch off randomly.

Apple was doing right thing, but they still madeĀ  the wrong public perception. #Apple , was really good at creating a great public perception.

Apple is letting the world think wrong about itself. And it needs to be corrected. They could have avoided a lot of negative words by just making more clarifications. Under Tim Cook, Apple remained private about it’s matters.

Under there previous CEO Steve Jobs, at the time of controversies, he would often go in public meetings and interviews to give clarifications right, and set public mindset correctly.

The Apple Pro Display XDR

Apple in mid-2019, showed there new display, a new display that they were planning to manufacture. The display was absolutely amazing, a really bright, really good contrast display, and everything was supposed to be on the point.

But they did a blunder again with the public perception. Apple at the time of pricing, demanded a extra $999 for the stand. The display it self shall cost $4,999 and additional $999 for the stand. Which by all means is outrageous. And I agree that it costs more.

But by simply changing the perspective and saying that they sell the display for $5,999, and if people want they can buy it without the stand for $999.

What’s Wrong With Tim Cook. Well the Hard Work and dedication of Tim Cook is undoubtedly great. But the problem has always been public perception.

The earlier public perception, of innovation, creativity, and magical seems to be vanishing, just because of wring perception.

They are getting amazing success in there Apple Watch, is getting many new achievements, and improvements.

And infact I am still astonished by iPad Pro 2018, a year old device, still it is super advance in technology. The processing power, and teh ability to edit videos, and the existence of the iPad OS, and many other things make it wonderful, and literally nothing matches it’s power.

So till here we discussed What’s Wrong With Apple under Tim Cook in 2019 due to the public perception.

Now we will discuss another problem which is, Team work.

For any company, it’s main leaders or visionaries are most important. These people are really precious. These people make the company successful.

As a CEO, Tim Cook must protect them. The important people are like precious stone. They are of immense values and you can’t let them be stolen easily.

Apple has lost many of its top employees in past few years. And it’s understood, that people leave companies, for different reasons. But many of the employees pointed out to the fact that there are some loop holes in leadership of Tim Cook.

Back in 1998, Apple was on verge of bankruptcy. Many people worked day and night to save employees. And many of those were truly precious. Few names amongst them were Jony Ive and Steve Jobs.

#SteveJobs is no more alive, but Jony Ive, he had been working in Apple for almost 30 years. But now he is set to leave Apple, to start his own firm, of which Apple will be one of the main clients.

Jony Ive, was amazing designer. He was the man behind major design decisions taken for iMac, iPhone and iPod. His knowledge and experience are hard to find in entire industry.

But then he pointed out that Tim Cook paid little to no attention to design. When Apple was busy developing Apple Watch, the designing was not prioritised in manners it was done earlier. He must have felt that Apple lost its magic, and as a result decided to leave.

Gerard Willaims, he was the leading #Designer for Apple chips, we had earlier worked with chip maker #ARM , he was really wise, and he had been a part of Apple since 2010, but now he has departed.

What’s wrong with #Apple under Tim Cook? Well he is not able to lead the company in the right direction. Every company sees employees leaving. But employees leaving being unsatisfied with Apple, means that there were some serious faults in Tim Cook leadership.

Thanks for Reading, Warm Regards, Aditya My Latest Article 17 Secrets to Know: How I optimized My WordPress Site to Load in 927ms.
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