What to Expect from Apple’s 25th March It’s Show Time

What to Expect From Apple’s 25th March Apple’s Show Time Event. Apple is all set to have a launch later this month with Tim Cook coming in Steve Jobs Theatre to discuss the latest that Apple has to offer.

The taglines of launch events of Apple has always been a hint and allow some speculations to arrive. This time the tagline that it’s Show time, suggests something related to movies.

This may be the Apple’s long rumoured service to compete Netflix or a less probable update to iMovie. Some people used to believe that Apple will some day acquire Netflix also.

#Apple may also have in plans a news service similar to it. The event expected to have more of software end and less of hardware end. And it shall be a monthly subscription based.

Even though the highlight would be these 2 services, Apple may refresh its iPads with newer form factors. The iPad has been year old, though the iPad Pro refreshed in October

But who knows there may be a “One More Thing” in the form of Apple AirPower.

Though it is less probable. For movies At least to start, offer iPhone and iPad owners access to original shows for free. And even though it is a direct competitor to #Netflix, it is expected to remain exclusive to #iPhone and #iPad

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player 5th October, 2019


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