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Elon Musk is turning 47, after 11 days, that is 28th June, 2018. For the same, we are starting Elon Week, as a tribute to him. And this week is of 11 days as we try to follow Elon Time.

Starting tomorrow, we would post atleast one article as a tribute to Elon. These would include, some articles going through his life. Some articles explaining hardships he faced, and others explaining each and every cimoany he made and it’s purpose. Atleast one story would be posted each day, and it would be collectively posted as one post also, on his birthday that is 28th June 2018.

We are doing it as a tribute to the man. We discuss the hardships he faced in his life and would face in future, this all done in order to make readers understand that how difficult success can be. Many of us being Elon fans, we take it as tribute but for many others it is not just tribute but a whole motivation

No one can disagree that Elon is really very successful, but the most important part is what makes him so successful, what is his driving force. Let’s get to know all that in Elon week. Join us on the journey for the next 10 days.

We have thoroughly gone through conversations, interviews, meeting specially his biography from Ashlee Vance in order to insure quality content delivery. We are devoted to insure that this trubute to Elon will inspire many and hope we get chance to write something over thos inspired ines in future also. Anyways see you tomorrow. Happy Birthday Elon, in advance though.

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