What is ‘Drone’? UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV) Explained

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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a Drone, as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or by several other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator, or fully or intermittently autonomously, by onboard computers.

It has a high definition camera of 720 pixels which gives a sharp image of the object or the video, making any work more accurate and distinguished. This 380gms machine is mostly made of good fiber material whereas metal is negligible. Moreover all parts are repairable and the instructions to do it are available on internet sites. Thus it is very useful modern mechanism to do various activities without one’s presence at that immediate spot, mainly for defence purposes.

Compared to manned aircraft, UAVs  are often preferred for missions that are too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for humans. They originated mostly in military applications, although their use is expanding in commercial, scientific, recreational, agriculture, and other applications, such as policing and surveillance, aerial photography, agriculture and drone racing. Civilian drones now vastly outnumber military drones, with estimates of over a million sold by 2015.

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1. The first armed drones were built to get Osama bin Laden. The first known killing by armed drones occurred in November 2001.

2. Israel was first to make these defensive aircraft’s. Now it is the most popular country to sell drones to all over the  world.

3. Recently drones have started helping the police departments by helping them fight crimes.

4. They are used for surveillance of certain corrupted areas and helping carrying out string operations.

5. It also helps farmers to survey crops of the entire field.

6. Drones have been already used in football and now it’s time for cricket too, as it can give a great aerial coverage of huge fields.

Overall, its an amazing device that can serve many purposes…

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