Top 9 Books to Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Books are a important part of out lives, and we should remain close to books. Today we discuss the top 9 books that you should definitely read and enjoy. They will bring a paradigm shift in your lives.

So let’s get started.

1. The Secret

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

The Secret is a wonderfully written book, and is our top recommendation among the Top 9 books To Read For Self Improvement. This book written by Rhonda Byrne.

This books talks about amazing power of belief to attract things. This book has over 30 Million copies sold.

The book talks about the concept of law of attraction. If you get attracted to a goal, a motive or a aim, then the universe will get attracted to you, and would bring it to you.

It illustrates, that the reason negative thoughts not be brought to mind is also due to law of attraction. Under Law of Attraction, if you think “May I Never Fail in Exams”, which is negative thought, only the subject/object that is “Fail In Exams” travels to universe. Which means you would attract Fail In Exams.

If you think “May I Pass the exams with good Marks” the subject that travels in “Pass, Exam, Good Marks”. If you think negative you would attract negative, if you think positive you will attract positive and you will receive positive results

2. Start With Why, Simon Sinek

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

This book Start with Why is the second in our list of Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvements. This book talks about Golden Circle

The way human brain works is that we prioritise, “Why” then “how” and then “what”. This is the way our human brain is designed.

Simon Sinek iterates the lesson that person with a “Why” a cause or a purpose will win over a person with “What”. A person with a sheer desire(Why) to accomplish something win over a person who just has degree and qualification (What).

Simon Sinek narrates a story of Sameul Pierpont Langley. He was the person who the american government gave the task to build the first aeroplane back in early 1990s.

He had media coverage, ample finances and most qualified brains accompanied him. But history is history, 2 unqualified brothers from Dayton, Ohio made the history. They were Wright Brothers. They didn’t have the “What” but definitely had “Why” they had a cause or a purpose to make aviation possible.

As a result they accomplished with minimum finances and no support. No one in there team was even college graduate. They WHY always wins from WHAT

3.  Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Robert Kiyosaki is the series of his books from Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about the recipe of becoming rich.

He talks about his life, his real dad was highly qualified, and very well placed in a secure job, but he was never rich. The cause was the extreme taxes, no knowledge of money management. As a result he calls his real dad as POOR DAD.

It is a wonderfully written book and it very well deserves to be amongst the top 9 Books to Read For Self Improvement.

In contrast to his poor dad, his best friend’s dad, was a unqualified but still was very rich. He had knowledge of managing money, and knew how to leverage taxation.

As a result he called his friend’s dad as Rich Dad. His Rich Dad teaches him right way to earn money, and how to gain financial stability.

4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

The 4th book among the top 9 books to read for self improvement is the wonderful book from late Dr. Steve Covey.

In his book he defines the 7 habits that any one needs to become productive, efficient and successful in life. The habits are divided in 3 parts. He gives and describes 3 habits that individual must develop to help himself and the 3 habits any one needs to interact with others. The last habit is self improvement and self correction.

He talks about wonderful life truths, his book published back in 1989, is a well deserved one among the Top 9 Books To Read for self improvement.

He talks about 3 stages of maturity. These are dependence, independence, interdependence. You become successful, when you start moving from dependence to independence. The first 3 habits are therefore made for independence and then the next 3 are responsible for interdependence. And last one is improvement.

5. Steve Jobs: Reality Is Malleable

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Jobs is credited for his amazing art of making people getting convinced for anything. It has been given the name Reality Distortion Field.

Steve Jobs with his carefully picked words could mould reality. Under Steve Jobs Reality is Malleable, it can be bent into his favor.

Imagine you are a boss developing a computer and your engineer, fails to reduce the loading time of software by even a millisecond, how would you motivate your engineer to reduce the load time by many seconds. Steve Jobs did the same in 1984, when he developed first Macintosh while at Apple. This book gives major instances in his life where he made Reality Malleable and Teaches How to implement it in your own life.

6. How To Win Friends And Influence People

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

The book How to Influence People and Win Hearts talks about leadership and team work. The book shows how one can make friends with others.

It gives insights about how to influence people to do a particular work. It narrates a anecdote, where the highest payed CEO back in 1900s was not hired for his qualification, but for his amazing heart to influence people.

He who can influence others, has the whole world his him, He who can’t influence walks alone. Power to influence people is a really powerful tool, and it gives the trick do it with your owns self.

7. Elon Musk Biography

Images (2)

Images (2)

Elon Musk biography is not the kind of self help book any one would recommend. But i recommend it for the hard work and hardships elon musk has failed.

No self help book, will show the undying spirit of fighting when 2 companies in which you put every penny are going bankrupt. Elon Musk is same, he put every buck from the $180 Million he had and started 2 big companies. It Both faced dead bankruptcy and hardships.

Elon Musk is criticized by many, and he has faced every hardship really well. His hard work is worth admiring. And this book which is the 7th amongst the Top 9 books to Read For Self Improvement. This book will definitely motivate you to never quit.

8. Leaders Eat Last

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Leader’s Eat Last is another book from Simon Sinek. Simon Sinek’s second book that we discuss in these Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement.

This book talks about right leadership, Simon Sinek wants to change perspective of people and wants companies to consider there employees as people. They are jot machines, they deserve sympathy harmony and cooperation.

Simon Sinek wants to build a military attitude among people. In office we have colleagues, in military we have Brothers and Sisters. In military we give medals to people who sacrifice numbers for people, while in offices we award people who sacrifice people and employees so that numbers may gain.

We wants a company culture, where the leaders bias favoring people more than numbers. And it is a well deserve entry in Top 9 books To Read For Self Improvement besides Simon Sinek’s Start With why.

9. The Magic Of Thinking Big

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

The Magic Of Thinking Big is a amazing book written by David Schwartz. This book talks about imagination. And aiming big. It talks about aiming big. This iterates a basic lesson that you receive whatever you dream

If you think big, infact as big as it is impossible to reach, you will atleast definitely reach close to it. Success is when the reality starts to look same as imagination.

You should definitely read this book, and it would definitely make you dream as well as achieve larger and bigger things.

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