This is the ‘Pimple’ Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy #S10 will be unvieled on 20th February, and would be featuring a pimple.

In the era of working for bezeless smartphone, samsung has its own way of doing this. This Samsung phone, that is Galaxy S10 will bring a cutout notch. In it the camera, would also be surrounded by pixels. It would be normal rectangular piece of display, with a small #cutout within it that has front #camera. This has no practical advantage, but the fact that there are some pixels above the camera,  which make the whole edge of smartphone to light up, make it look attractive at first glance, there is a whole rectangle boundary of pixels, with the pimple in center. And for most of it, this a dumb uncool idea, basically they are going to sell a pimpled phone. The phone apart from it would be featuring great specs. There would be 3 different versions, of the phone the S10 light, s10, and S10 plus. This is somewhat following the Apple wave of the 3 phones a year. They may give some glimpse of there foldable phone, which was not what we expected when we see it at Samsung’s Developer Conference. We also compared all amazing and dumb notches Types Of Display Notches in Phones: Standard, Teardrop, It is also alleged that Samsung is having some plan over 5G, and may present some variants of 5G, though they may get released and shipped at different times. #Samsung has also talked about the #software with there #galaxy phones. The existing software is yet to completely become compliant with the notch format, and 18:9 aspect ratio, and we know that Samsung puts its own version of all stock android apps into there operating system. They have been talking of the way to design software in correct manner, and without taking the name ‘cutout’ from there mouth, they have talked about that pimple in top of the screen. As seen in the pic below, they talk about the interaction and viewing portion of screen. It is just there way to try to manipulate and make you believe that you don’t need that top portion of screen. Also the #notch is visible in left portion of pic. The launch event will take place Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 11 a.m. PT at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. And would be live streamed at Samsung YouTube Channel. Thanks for Reading

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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