The New OnePlus Bullet Earphones: Paradigm Shift From 3.5mm Headphone Jack to USB Type C

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OnePlus 6t would not be featuring headphone jack, confirmed my company, USB Type-C Bullet Earphones would be used instead.

#OnePlus has ever since supported headphone jack. #Apple ditched it with their #iPhone 7, over 2 years ago. Now OnePlus and Samsung were the only ones left besides some small manufacturers.

Samsung is still not ready to quite. Though OnePlus has confirmed that the newer phones starting with OnePlus 6t would not feature headphone jack.

OnePlus just launched #Bullet earphones with #USB #TypeC . They would be backward compatible. Any pre existing owner of OnePlus device would be able to use the earphones.

The point has always been that Apple has always led the industry with unconventional steps. And it was known since the say they ditched it that every company would have to do it.

Samsung and OnePlus believed they could miss the wave and be with the #HeadphoneJack . But OnePlus could have realized that the more delay they do the more humiliation they would face lately.

Samsung still being reluctant to their decision. The point is some day or other it has to happen.

company is likely to launch a successor to its highly-popular OnePlus 6 smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Previous iterations from the smartphone maker required a physical fingerprint scanner to unlock the device.

OnePlus says it’ll release the new Bullets at the same time as its next flagship, which we already know will be called the and will feature a fingerprint reader built into the display. The specific timing of the release hasn’t yet been announced, but if OnePlus keeps to its traditional calendar, both the OnePlus 6T and the Type-C Bullets should be available to buy sometime this November, if not sooner.

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