The New Macbooks And The Old Touch Bar

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#Apple has updated its #Macbook line up with newer 13 and 15 inch Macbooks. And they have their old Touch bar, idea of which is good, though I believe practical implimentation is lacked.

Apple’s New Macbooks launched with 8th generation of #Intel Core i7. The 15 inch Macbook is a 6-core one and 13 inch one is a quad core one.

It comes up with whopping 32 gigabytes of Memory, #Radeon graphics, larger trackpad, #TouchId, and improved keyboard for quiter typing and stereo speakers.

These make it perfect for graphics designing and video editing. Right? No. .. not really because of ports. Apple only gives thunderbolt 3 ports with it, though it supports all basic functions like charging, data transfer and connecting two 5k monitors. But when you are making a device with such great specifications, you won’t use it for typing letters, you would use these specs for great video editing, 3d arts or something specs intensive.

And here the problem starts, you have 4 thunderbolt 3 ports which are not what you want, you need a whole platter of ports because you need to connect to drives cameras projects and I don’t know what all.

Apple’s intentions are no doubt right. They want a world where eveything is on one type of port, each and every input output device has one port, and that would be a great world. They removed other ports to make it happen fast, though it has not happened yet.

They are taking wrong steps in right direction. The reason why first iPhone was successful was not because it simply did not have keyboard, it succeeded because in addition to it, it also had a great touch interface that added to functionality. They at present are only following the first part of trick, they are removing stuff but they are not adding something to make it obsolete.

Anyways it has great hardware, and all video editors will atleast buy it, due to #FinalCutPro, which is #MacOS exclusive and will remain exclusive till the day Apple dies.

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