The new iPhones and no SE 2

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Latest leak of Apple suggests, that Apple is ditching there earlier planned SE 2. There would be no SE 2, and there would be 3 iPhones this year again. This year the naming scheme is unclear.

Though this is clear that there would be one less expensive version of iPhone X and 2 next gen iPhones. Apple has reportedly ordered more screens for there iPhones. They have ordered 45 million screen panels for the bigger of the 2 next gen iPhones. The smaller sibking has seen an order of 25 million screen panels.

I believed the 3rd one that would replace 2017 iPhone X would see less panels, and lesser marketing but that’s not true. 30 million panels have been ordered for this replacement.  This phone also be less expensive. It would be in the price range of $700.

Bigger Brother

They are mainly reducing the cost, by giving a LCD display in place of OLED display. This has been done to cater iPhone fans with lesser  budget, and a high price tag feeling. Improvements would defiantly be seen with the Face Id. There would be many UI improvements.

The major eye catcher though would be the elder brother of next gen iPhone.  The next gen iPhone will sport newer hardware and chip, that leads industry. It may sport more RAM, which has been demanded by many people since ages. The existing iPhone X just has a 3gigs of RAM, though it does not cause lag in workflow, with such powerful processor. But opening already open apps is a trouble. Apple shifted there processors from 32-bit to 64-bit because, the 32-bit could sport only 4 gigs of RAM, but 64-bit can sport  1 million gigs. They did it years ago, so that 64-bit software could become status quo when they get more than gigs of RAM. I think that time arrived more than a year ago. Now Apple it is the time you use your decision in latest iPhones

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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