Tesla Will Be profitable Q3, I bet


Elon Musk, has signaled, that Tesla will soon be profitable. He few days ago at shareholders meet, he promised profits by Q3.

Just on Tuesday he has bought 72,500 shares of Tesla from open market. They being worth around $25M. After figuring out for a minute that how many zeroes will it have, what is to wonder is the intent behind it.

Elon already owns 20% stake of Tesla, and is the shareholder. Buying shares is not gaining controls because he being the largest shareholder.

The point is that he has already promised, that Tesla will be profitable in Q3. Few days ago tech YouTuber MKBHD, asked Elon for a interview, to which he said that he will do the same, after achieveing consistent 5,000 cars a week.

These are signals that Elon has something in his mind. Tesla manufacturing, was already holted for few days just recently to plug the loopholes, and improve the bottlenecks, for faster production.

These many indications are more than enough to understand that he is highly serious about it. Also, there is a huge pressure on Tesla for Model 3 production. If Model 3 demand can’t be met, the Tesla Semi Truck would also be delayed, and this chain reaction would impact Tesla Roadster also, which has generated a huge hype.

This is a highky crucial year for Tesla, though I steongly believe and can bet Tesla will be profitable, but if that is not what happens. It wouldnbe highly difficult for Tesla to recover, as it is burning cash realy fast, and maintaining the company, will keep getting difficult with lesser and lesser cash.

I am quite sure that Tesla will be profitable, but many a times in past such positive situations were created, but Tesla remained as it was. I can just wish Tesla good luck.

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