Tesla Skeptics Shutted Up With New Report

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#TeslaSkeptics have ever since been questioning the profitability of the #TeslaModel3, and were #Tesla will soon be bankrupt. But that was the past, at present with a latest reports, skeptics have been shutted up

#MunroAndAssociates a company that analyses a car more than it’s manufacturer, and is known to count each nut and bolt to estimate it’s cost and tell profitability of manufacturer earlier said that Tesla had little to no profitability on the #Model3,

Though Sandy Munro the founder has rectified its predictions, it says with newer analysis, that Tesla Model 3 which was earlier called ‘Poorly Built’ is a well built car and can have profitabilty potential of around 30% which is really breathe taking for Tesla Investors. Also it would be highest margin for a electric car manufacturer.

Munro And Associates are really impressed with the curcuit design in the Tesla Model 3. And also they like the effeciency of the battery made by Tesla Motors and #Panasonic .

These not only help Tesla shut skeptics but also improve stock price and ensure more stock investments and probably profitability at end of the year.

Tesla has been successful in producing 5,000 cars a week with help of a make-shift tent in the backyard of Fremont Factory and are hopeful of meeting demands in near time. Let’s see how far can it go.


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