Tesla Model Y to Be Unveiled on 14th March: Elon Musk

Tesla Model Y would be unveiled on 14th March. The cost effective SUV will be a budget version of Model X. According to Elon Musk it would have a larger size, and as a result would have a 10% bigger. It would also have 10% bigger battery

There are no details about specifications of the car till now but things would become more clear on the launch event that is in there LA Design Studio.

Elon Musk himself is expected to be present there to show the world there new car. Top officials, Influencers and YouTubers shall be attending it.

The Tesla Model Y would unveil

The Tesla Model Y would be unveiled this month but won’t be available till late 2020 or 2021. Tesla has to start production of Tesla Semi Trucks which are due for shipping this year, and Tesla Roadster would be available next year.

Tesla according to CEO #ElonMusk is also going to show it’s new supercharger V3, with design changes and faster charging so that people have to wait less on long trips. It would take time for the new V3 to reach all public, cause the existing chargers may require upgrades or reconfiguration

Considering there increasing popularity, and the demand for Model 3, it would be difficult to start Semi and Roadster production on time let alone Model Y.

#Tesla is working to improve it’s infrastructure, and increase its production rate including a new factory for the same.

The Model Y is long awaited as it was first announced in 2015. We also expect some details over Tesla pickup truck, which was teased quite some while back.


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