Tesla is Stopping Sales by Retail Stores

Tesla is stopping sales by retail stores for its cars, in order to make selling $35,000 Model 3 financially possible.

Tesla has had stores where people could come and see cars, have test drive and explore them. Now they have decided to shift all there sales online. The cost to manage and maintain stores along with employees for sales, increases the costs. Making the margins for Tesla Model 3 really less.

Unlike most car companies that have dealers, for selling it, Tesla needs special stores. Most dealers don’t have in depth knowledge of features and differences of electric vehicles this includes the Autopilot which a USP for Tesla.

#Tesla considers that there popularity and word of mouth is enough to generate funds. They just recently finished the referral program, where people could refer another person to buy Tesla, and both could benefit with some rewards.

But the earlier cars that Tesla had were majorly $50,000 Tesla Model S. But in recent time the focus has #shifted to the Model 3, which untill now started from over $40,000. But now Tesla has made the Model 3’s first version which starts at $35,000.

#ElonMusk himself told that this model is for cost effective Models. But the best combination of power and price according to Elon Musk is Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which has extra miles and power to it along with #autopilot

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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