Tesla Autopilot 9: A new leap in Driving

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Tesla Autopilot, is a technological leap, that all dreamed since ages. When you could sit in car with hands on coffee and not on wheel. That came into some existence with Tesla Autopilot. Allowing you to sit in the car, get into a lane, and turn autopilot on. Autopilot will keep you in lane, increase decrease speed according to traffic, and maintain speed limit.

There were few things that made it incomplete. These included inability to change lanes, better vehicle detection etc. Though in latest update, releasing in August it would be complete. The new update would detect more cars.

The ability of lane changing will allow, car to change lane if a slower vehicle is in front of it. Though lane changing exists even today, it is buggy. Improvements are underway. Also at present driver has to tell autopilot to change lane, though in latest version car would decide on it’s own when lane change is required. Also at present driver needs to keep hands on wheel, for changing lane, this would be seem less in future.

These issues, were presented to Elon and he responded, to them in his own ways. He has been working really hard on improvements. This would be interesting to see, when it is released.

Elon Musk, promises full self driving cars. Though he always fulfills his promises, he has a problem with punctuality. The promise might be fulfilled in some other version. Though this stuff gives a insight at what Tesla is working at, and what we can see in near future.

Also, The cameras would be used to detect even more cars, so that the cars from behind, can also be noticed. Also the UI would be revamped, to support this stuff. This revamp would also bring many functionality improvements, and better menus. These are also done in order to improve safety.

Also, safety improvements would be heavy, as recent crashes suggest, even though Tesla’s beat industry safety standards. They still have scope for improvements. Elon, few weeks ago also told that major portion of software had been rewritten in recent updates, we can also see further more rewriting, to reduce size of software or increase functionality.


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