T-Series is Now the Bighest YouTube Channel in World After PewDiePie

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(BTW, I don’t the spellings of “Bighest”, sorry!!)

T-Series is now the biggest YouTube channel in the World after beating PewDiePie. The battle between 2 of the biggest YouTube channels went over the 6 months. And T-Series crossed PewDiePie at around 90 Million subscribers.

PewDiePie the #Swedish YouTuber had been the biggest in terms of subscribers for past 12 years. But now Indian YouTube channel with audience majorly Indian has surpassed the rest of the world.

Many #YouTuber around the world gathered to support PewDiePie back in October. But now there all efforts have failed Indians have won. Though it may be that PewDiePie someday again surpasses #T -Series, but it is a long in history record broken with a comparitively smaller audience.

Many Bollywood celebrities such as Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham joined the online battle between PewDiePie and YouTube, to plead with netizens to subscribe T-Series. 

PewDiePie had a lot of support but with 6 months long in battle things started to tamper, and people started to lose interest. This coincided with the firing in #New Zealand where a gunman asked people to #subscribe to PewDiePie.

Apart from #YouTube this was largely condemned and later even though #PewDiePie   also condemned it. There was a negative reputation for PewDiePie that might have impacted the war. Adding up against him

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