Surprising Details Leaked: Apple AR Glasses with StarBoard OS are Coming in 2021

Surprising Details Leaked Apple Ar Glasses With Starboard Os Are Coming In 2021

Long Rumoured Apple AR Glasses are finally coming. Jon Prosser a guy who Tim Cook is scared off, has leaked that Apple AR Glasses with StarBoard OS are Coming in mid-2021, and are really fascination and definitely look futuristic.

For many years Apple has investing into AR/VR and one of the things they were trying really hard to build was AR based Glasses.  As it turns out the the Apple AR Glasses are coming as soon as 2021. And according to leakster John Prosser, they are really sleek and powerful.

Apple has been hunting on People to build up its team of people who do AR. They have been bringing lot of talented people to #Cupertino for the same purpose.

Earlier rumors had stated that they are supposed to call the Operating System of Apple AR Glasses as rOS. where r shall stand for “Reality”, as in “Augmented Reality”. We hear that the new UI of Apple Watch would have rather a unique name, it is supposedly called Starboard UI. Remember #iPhone ’s UI is called Springboard.

Apple Glasses are going to start for $499, plus costs of prescriptions. The cost is not that bad based on what all it can do it. It’s expected to come along with iPhones next year.

They are expected to have a Wireless Charging, and they would sit on a Wireless Charging unfolded.

Apple AR Glasses with Starboard UI are supposedly coming in middle of next year. They are expected to be sold as an accessory rather than a separate device, meaning that you would have to enter the “Ecosystem” in order to enjoy Apple AR Glasses.

It is easy to guess that because they are an iPhone accessory, therefore it’s best to have them launch along side the 2021 iPhones.

This year already Apple is going big with the iPhones, with redesign. addition of LiDAR, 5g, 120hz ProMotion Display, and a lot more packed together.

So next year can be dramatic if we already are building up the hype for 2021 Launch Event. By that time surely we would be allowed to go out, and witness what Apple has been doing and how good they are.

It seems to be taking up shape like the #Apple Watch, roughly similar price range, and similar connectivity like the Apple Watch. It seems that its not a one-of product, like the Macs, which are refreshed once every couple year, it shall be refreshed in a fashion similar to iPhones every year in my opinion. Because #AppleWatch and #AppleGlasses are being roughtly the same idea implemented in a way different manner

There are 2 big mysteries about the Apple Glasses, first how is the output received from the Apple AR Glasses, and second how do we Interact with the Apple AR Glasses. While there are speculations that the Apple Glasses would support Voice Commands, and some Head Gestures for interacting with them.

Apart from that, how we exactly shall receive the output is unclear. They have built an exceptional machine in the form of Apple Watch, which works with such small area, so that experience must have helped them build much lighter glasses, no one wants 500 grams hanging on there ears.

Durability is a big question, because smartphones are relatively bigger, solid pieces, but this Apple AR Glasses is supposed to be thin, which arises questions about its Durability. Things will get much clearer with the passage of time, and we hope that Jon Prosser to reveal this soon, and give us more food for thought.

Jon Prosser stated that the prototype which he got his eyes on was made up of plastic, but he suggests that it can be expected to have Metal in actual version.

Another good move with it, is that they come with LiDAR. they are not getting any Camera unfortunately. The AR data that people opted to share with Apple from there iPad Pros and the data from future iPhones with LiDAR, would be instrumental in perfection the Apple Glasses.

Apple is expected to put displays in both sides of lenses, and it seems that they are working really hard to ensure they look like normal glasses for any person looking at you. Only the wearer will be able to see the display.

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