Sundar Pichai Might Still Have Plans For Censored Google For China

Sundar Pichai has confirmed about discussions going on to relaunch censored Google in China, to coolect the world’s information.

Google withdrew from China, due to interference of government over search results. But now Google is feeling that this withdrewal from china is slowing down revenue as 20% of world’s population has no access to Google, and Google’s mission to sort world’s information is being hampered.

Google wanted to give neutral results to every body and insure that each person searching for something gets same results which wasnot possible due to chonese restrictions.

Now merits and demerits of same are being discussed by Google executive board. It is certain that China will help bring more profit and give more data but the problem would be that the search results won’t be neutral.

The board discusses over these issues. Also Google may plan to bring up all together different search engine for china

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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