Story: Winning That Sweet Girl Bit By Bit


#JustineMusk, and #ElonMusk, first met in Queen’s University. Elon was never to serious about studies. He choose Queen’s University over Waterloo university because he believed to have better girls in Queen’s University.

At first look Elon knew, Justine was a popular one in the University, and had many guys behind her. Elon knew she would be a tough catch.

Justine initially never bothered of Elon, for she had better guys around her. He was a year ahead, tall and clear cut boy, with his South-African accent. He started with inviting her for IceCream date. She said yes, but when upon coming to pick her up, he was met with a note, that Justine had to go for a class, and couldn’t be with him.

Elon being a passionate person, searched her out in a libarary. He asked Justine’s best friend her favorite flavour of Ice Cream. And was soon standing infront of Justine with 2 choco-chip icecreams.

Elon at that time was not really to serious about Justine untill that date. In the libarary while chatting about books. Justine said, she would one day have her books lying in this shelf of the Libarary. Earlier all boys had laughed at her for same. He was different. He seemed to inspired, he seemed to have liked her passion and be inspired.

This was the start of their love. Justine loved that Elon was more sensitive about her dreams and ambitions. And Elon loved that he found a girl who was ambitious and had dreams as big as him. He wanted to revolitionise internet world.

Elon could be really competitive at times. Once Elon in a test got 97, and Justine 98. He got his way to 100, by discussing with Professor.

On other instances he could have his romantic side also. Once he sent a dozer roses attached with a message of its own. Elon took her to bookstore and gave Justine his Credit Card to buy what ever books she wanted. Which was really sweet thing according to Elon.

She had been dating a 20 year old Entrepreneur, he was now a person worth $20 Million, by selling one of his Internet Company. They bought a 1800 Square feet Condo, and a #McLaren F1 worth a Million Dollars.

Elon asked her how many kids she wanted and she said atleast 2. They stepped up from dating to finally marry each other. The marriage was more of a simple one. Justine was busy completing her book.

They were happy with their life. When Elon started his newer company, and got busy with his work. Justine started to feel sidelined. Elon used to say her, “If you were my employee, I would fire you” His attitude after wards led to many quarels.

Elon was bit tough, but soon things started to resolve. Justine had thought that he would dump him soon in favor of some super model. Though Elon, just few days later in corner of street took to knees and proposed her.

The wealth was enormous, their seemed to be abstract number of zero’s existing in some infinity, that allowed them to spend whatever way they like.

Though Elon was soon up with Justine, he lost his supportiveness towards justine to support his own career. 8 years later with a lot of books published, Justine realized that it was in favor of both to seprate and stay seprated.

They started to maintain a distance living in same house, and the eye opener for Justine Musk, was in a car accident, when she realized in sensitiveness of her husband and decided to divorce. She demanded a $1Billion settlement. Though after negotiations she got few millions, along with 10% of SpaceX share and a Tesla Roadster.


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