Steve Jobs narrated by John Sculley

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John Sculley ex-CEO of PepsiCo and Apple, was one of biggest example of Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. He in 1983 was in PepsiCo and reluctant to move to Apple, when Steve Jobs said his famous lines,“do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world” and John Sculley joined Apple.


He later became the reason due to which Steve had to leave Apple, but he himself agrees Steve Jobs was right. He has learned many kessons from him.

He said that he had amazing capability of uniting two distinct industries. And he believed innovation happened and intersection of ends of 2 industries.


He was a perfectionist. He never liked imperfection. He used to ask Steven Wozniak to bring radical changes in design even after working through whole lot of time. His perfection John Sculley believed can be seen in later part of his life also. He while building iPod used to ask engineers to design interface to allow each operation to happen in 3 clicks

This was highly puzzling task for engineers. He also after designing in prototype testing, used to drop iPod in aquarium and ask them to make it more compact, till there were bubbles coming out due to empty spaces in between. His this perfection is why people love him till date.


He didn’t care about sentiments. He once asked his engineer for Apple, to delay his marriage to give Apple keynote. He after persuation refused to delay mareiage and soon he was on streets searching for jobs.

His these qualities were reason why John Sculley who was initially against him admits his mistakes now, and his these qualities were why he was as successful and as popular as no one else in industry. Hope we can implement some qualities in ourselves and grow to unknown hieghts.

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