Steve Jobs in Development of First Macintosh in 1984

Steve Wozniak’s father earlier in life had scolded Steve Jobs saying that he didn’t deserve a shit, because he didn’t make anything.

That was to some extent true. But #SteveJobs knew how to sell a product and knew how to find hidden opportunities. But he himself wanted to make something. Apple I and Apple II were Wozniak’s creations. Later. Lisa was a step in right direction. That was first PC that had things that were new to market and had better design.

But still he wanted to something more radical more dramatic but he couldn’t understand how. He got the right idea of what he wanted to do while doing #Macintosh.

Jef Raskin who wrote Manual for the earlier PCs always had ambition to make cheap and affordable #PC that were great on power. He became part of a project for new PC. The PC was named Macintosh taken from McIntosh which is a type of Apple

There have been many allegations Of #BillGates stealing Steve Jobs’ idea of Graphic User Interface or #GUI for #Apple. Today we disclose the whole story including Xerox link. Bill Gates did not steal Steve Jobs idea. Gates himself stated that he went into Xerox’s home to rob it, when he realized Steve had already stolen it. Though it was a metaphor, for what happened. Confused? Don’t worry I’ll explain.

Bill Gates stated in this context as follows, “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

Story is that Actually Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were invited to #Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1980’s where they showed up revolutionary idea of GUI, Internet and Mouse, Steve got enlightened and got to develop it. Bill didn’t got much into it and later when he realized it’s potential he went into developing it

And now whole of the industry runs on Graphic user interface. Steve Jobs was good at realizing potential of newer technologies. Xerox could have governed the whole of computer industry but they missed the #opportunity. Steve Jobs had already taken there idea so Bill Gates didn’t stole anything from Steve Jobs. Because it was the idea of Xerox.
If you are wondering that Steve Jobs might have stole the idea then that is wrong. The Palo Alto Research Center was highly confidential and no visits were allowed but when Steve Jobs allowed Xerox to invest in Apple at $10 per share he also got the permission to visit the Palo Alto Research center along with the team.

So after that he developed the Macintosh with Graphic User Interface, where each alphabet was not a character but a no. of pixels. The result was that each and every alphabet looked beautiful over it. But it made the whole PC slow.

Raskin wanted to cut costs at things, but Steve Jobs prioritised quality over cost. These were during the years of 1979 and 1980. One of them was the decision over processor to use. Raskin strongly proposed Motorola 6809, but Jobs wanted 68000.

But in order to achieve all those menus, icons, windows and various other Graphic aspects a powerful processor was required.

Due to conflicts between them getting worse Scott asked Raskin to go on leave of absence. And Steve Jobs was allowed to work on Macintosh which at that time was considered a distinct project and not a major focus.

Steve Jobs appeared at cubicle of Andy Hertzfeld. Who was a engineer for Apple II. He asked Andy if he was good enough to work on Macintosh project and he showed a positive attitude. Hertzfeld asked Jobs some time to finish the project of Apple II at which he had been working so that he can hand it over to next engineer. Steve Jobs took of the power cord of the PC at which he had been working. He dragged him to the Macintosh in his Mercedes, and showed him his table. That table had been of Raskin’s earlier. There were some Xerox employees also that joined Macintosh’s team including Bruce Horn and Larry Tesler. Steve wanted to see a passion and excitment in there eyes when they saw MAC. And Steve was really certain to hire only those people who were passionate enough to work there.

Bruce Horn wanted to join another company due to better package and joining bonus, but Jobs on a Friday evening called him up and asked him to come at Apple the next day. Steve Jobs was super passionate and energized for Macintosh. His plans and ambitions for perfectly angles edges, a clean curcuit board, mouse and a Graphic User Interface changed his mind. It was like “Wow!” And he had a change of thought, to join the mission

The IBM PC when shipped was over expensive and when Apple dissected it they found many things wrong and that was a relief to them, as it meant that they were ahead in competition.
When Macintosh shipped it was not received well. Because the GUI required more processing power, which PCs that time were incapable, this made it slow. Most people thought that Computer had to be something of industrial use rather than personal, therefore it took long to understand potential and also, people couldn’t understand the concept of GUI. As a result Lisa was what sold the most and brought them funds, even though Macintosh was a more revolutionary product and today Macintosh is only remembered but that time, it was Lisa. Apple to taunt IBM launched a advertisment in newspaper titled “Welcome IBM, Seriously” which meant they welcomed IBM to Personal Computer war

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