Steve Jobs Developing iPad 2 and Spending time With Family

Steve Jobs even before the launch of first iPad was envisioning the iPad 2, to plug the loopholes of the first generation. One of the most important change was the camera system that iPad would feature.

Steve Jobs also wanted the iPad to be thin, because there were people who put case on there iPad and that made them bulky, thick and finished its beauty.

Steve Jobs wanted a thinner iPad, and upon advice of a engineer, a cover was also added using magnetic hinge, that could be used to cover the iPad, and be used as a stand when openm

It would use magnets to make it possible, it was purely mechanical and was design based decision. Most of the companies that didn’t even thought about.

For the launch Steve Jobs was not attending it, and Tim Cook was expected to deliver the keynote due to Steve Jobs’ leave of absence. Though Steve Jobs still wanted to attend it.

He wanted the world to show there hard work and vision, and he made it to the event. By the time the event came Apple had also finished another criticism that it was facing for iPad.

The iPad could show lots of content and browse variety of sources. But it was not a tool for productivity. There was little that you could make from it, as a result Apple brought iMovie and GarageBand to iPad, with special interface leveraging its power and screen space for smooth working.

MobileMe was Apple service to backup all data to servers and sync it across all devices, but it was flawed and there were constant data losses reported. Some people found it to #difficult to be used.

They corrected with the new iCloud which was launched in Apple WWDC in mid-2011. The newer one would automatically sync data across all Apple devices.

In meantime as Apple expanded it needed a new office, Apple was building another Apple’s new building which had 4 stories, 3 million square foot area was ready with a wonderful design and extreme beauty. Curvaceous large pieces of glass joined together to form a large beautiful campus.

There were beautiful trees to be planted all around #Apple office to give it a more natural and peaceful look, it was very spaciously built.

Another dream that Steve Jobs had for himself was to attend his first kid Reed’s graduation. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, and he was determined to be alive till that time, and he succeeded in it.

Reed had a look that he took from his father and a caring attitude that he took from his mother. He was inquisitive person. After diagnosis with Cancer, he used to spend lot of time with great doctors, doing serious research over cancer.

According to Steve Jobs it was the silver lining of his sickness, because it generated Reed’s interest in it. And his attitude to it was similar to Steve’s attitude to technology. At a competition Reed even said he was ambitious of becoming Cancer researcher.

#SteveJobs never shared to good relationship with her daughters. And the daughters were also similar, they had a more introvert nature, and felt distinct from father. They like there mother were empathetic and understood that there father was having hard time juggling between family and office and in meantime fighting #Cancer. Though he took his kids to trips sometimes, but there were instances when his office work caused them to get cancelled or Jobs returning in middle of #trip due to some issue.

At one instance he got a chance to meet the then #President Barack Obama. Though he didn’t wanted to talk to him at all, the conversation went 45 minutes, where he criticized Obama, for bad business policies, and wrong #education system.


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