SpaceX Launches Crew Dragon Test Flight For Carrying Astronauts to ISS

SpaceX and Elon Musk have Launched Crew Dragon Spacecraft over Falcon 9, to test there capabilities to take Astronauts to ISS. Nasa and SpaceX have done detailed testing of Crew Dragon to ensure everything goes fine with the test flight.

If it goes well SpaceX would be able to take NASA Astronauts to ISS later this year. The Dragon has done many missions to supply resources to ISS. A dummy named “Ripley” will be made to sit in when SpaceX launches the Crew Dragon. #Ripley would be fit with advance sensors to collect the data. This data would be used by SpaceX and NASA, to further fine tune the aircraft for its actual launch.

The #mission would bring insights that may be difficult to receive by simulators. #ElonMusk has ensured that the demo covers everything from docking of Crew Dragon vehicle to international space station. Even though it does not have any actual humans, but every operation would be carried out as if it had humans.

This is a 6 day mission. After the Crew Dragon delivers the cargo that it is carrying, the Space Station will send it back, and it would splash it in Atlantic Ocean, where there ship SpaceX drone known as ”Ofcourse, I Still Love You” in the #Atlantic Ocean.

The launch happen from launch pad 39A from #NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The Crew Dragon would reach International Space Station on 3rd March and would reach back on 8th March.

The Lift-off happened as scheduled on 2:49 a.m. EST (0749 GMT), even though they had a backup window with them so that SpaceX could surely launch the Crew Dragon to International Space Station it was never required. Launch happened on time.

There were over 1700 people witnessing the launch of the Crew Dragon, being happy about the possibility of launching astronauts later this year. It is good for NASA, as it is the first launch to #ISS by America since 2011.

SpaceX would be launching it on Falcon 9, which is what they use for there most of launches. They have another rocket which is the Falcon Heavy, it is much more powerful, infact it is the World’s most powerful rocket. They consider Falcon 9 sufficient to carry out this launch.

They want to use Falcon Heavy and there in development Big Falcon Rocket for missions to Mars specifically. NASA is confident about launch and trusts SpaceX. After having successful launch if the whole mission goes Successful SpaceX would be able to get certification to for Astronauts. But any failure could be really terrible even if it does not have any astronauts it can delay the actual mission.

SpaceX is using lot of safety features, including ability of #SpaceX to separate the Dragon from Falcon Rocket in case any thing goes wrong. The speciality of #CrewDragon is that they can separate it at any stage, which is a feature unique to Crew Dragon.

Elon Musk the #CEO of SpaceX and #Tesla had launched a Tesla Roadster car from the Falcon Heavy Rocket as a dummy payload for the Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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