SpaceX BFR: In A Month Or So

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If you are amongst ones to reach mars or you are optimistic of Space travel or if you are Elon Musk then this a sure shot good news for you.

Elon Musk recently gave a idea of show and tell weekend on twitter where someone asked him on twitter about updates about SpaceX BFR or Big Falcon Rocket. The Rocket SpaceX would use to take humanity to Mars.

Elon has also said that its progress is going really good earlier and in reply to that tweet he said in a month or so. Though Elon has a bad relation with punctuality and his timelines can’t be trusted, but it does signify that their is some good development that SpaceX might share in some time

SpaceX will use this rocket to send humanity to Mars and also make inter continental travel easy. SpaceX will use BFR to travel through continents, the rocket will travel through outer space and take you from any point to any point in less than 30 minutes.

And they have also said the costs of which will be somewhat around the cost of a Business Class flight.

These things are pretty impressive though BFR is still in development and they plan for its launch in 2024, but even smallest update would be of great interest.

At present SpaceX has tested their Falcon Heavy rocket which is their latest rocket, and the most powerful rocket humanity has ever created and it beats it’s next competitor Saturn-V by a Factor of 2 which is pretty impressive. And it is worth taking note that BFR will be even better than that.


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