Ship and Iterate: The right way to Innovate

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Eric Schmidt, the man who had been CEO of Google before Sundar Pichai and has been the one due to which Google became multi billion dollar enterprise. He presented the idea of ‘Ship and Iterate’. Build a product, show it to public and improve it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin during early years brought Eric Schmidt to lead Google.

He had developed this wonder culture, that is still best in business. The idea is that how hard to you work after making or doing something great. How much do you work after perfecting or fine tuning things. he makes a consistent case for not even trying to get things right the first time. “Create a product, ship it, see how it does, design and implement improvements, and push it back out,” Schmidt writes. “Ship and iterate. The companies that are the fastest at this process will win.”

This information regarding #EricSchmidt was taken from book #HowGoogleWorks by Jonnathan Rosenberg

What this culture of #ShipandIterate does is that it makes everything as it should be, even if it doesn’t matter, the product is improved on… and on… and on… Because that small difference will become a gaint leap later.

A good Carpenter will never put lousy piece of wood at back of hus cabinet. Even if faces the wall, he will select the best piece so that people remember it.

Paul Jobs

Now you can imply this in your own life also. Whenever you work wherever it be, even writing a letter, write it once as you would like it, and then rewrite it from scratch, you will definitely change a line or two, and that will make a impact. That slight perfection, will require a lot of effort, but will make a impact. It would not earn you a extra dollar but the respect. People will remember you with it. Remember that Great Carpenter we talked above.

For eg. #Google has made GMail and Google Drive, and people use it. Everything is perfect, but the thing is they went extra mile to develop the system such that even if you delete the file from recycle bin, Google can recover it through its backup for 25 days. This is technically unnecessary they never talk about it, but these slight $improvements together make it a great product. If you try to delete your Gmail account and your id becoming non existent in database, even after deleting you can recover it. And that is what we call #Innovation, #Perfection and #HardWork

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