Shifting Trends: October Month Of Smarphone Launches

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Apple iPhone is Out, Note 9 is Out, and still we have 4 phone launches in October including Google Pixel 3, Razer Phone 2, LG V40 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy 4x Fun and OnePlus.

September is months of Smartphone launches and mainly premium range smartphone launches. This year the trend seems to change

#Samsung #Note9 is here, #Apple #iPhones are just out less than week ago and #Google #Pixel 3 is coming out October 9th. Usually the trend starts to fade off after Pixel’s which has been constant for past 2 year. This year thing is different.

#Pixel 3 is launching on October 9th, #LG V40 #ThinQ is launching 3rd October, #Razer #Phone 2 launches 10th October, and a #Samsung secret surprise phone launches 11th October.

The competition is increasing and Apple is at the biggest loss in it. $Apple has already launched its #iPhone models.

And when the market would see newer phones after 20 days the Apple talks in media and market shall fade off.

This is the negative impact for Apple, though Samsung has also launched, its flagships but it has having another, surprise for us teased as 4x fun.

Samsung has a new surprise for us launching at 11th. Google is expected to launch its Pixel 3. It is rumoured that Google would be launching something different altogether.

#LG would be launching its V40 ThinQ.  With 4 flagships this year LG would like to make some impact, after all they never have decent growth in there shares.

#Razer Phone would be coming up and as we know that Gamers are a smaller audience and as a result does not have much leaks.

#OnePlus is also expected to launch its OnePlus 6t which would be ditching the headphone jack, and having the OnePlus Bullet headphones with USB-Type C DAC. The launch date isnot known yet but it will be launched somewhere early November following the trend

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