Rajasthan: Jaiselmer | Day 6

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The next day was a long ride. On this day we were heading out to Jaisalmer, which is around 550km from Udaipur. I was excited to have an experience in deserts in India, as I had never visited any desert in India before. The last time I visited was in Dubai. It was long and tiring ride. There was nothing much to speculate at that day in Jaislamer. We reached there late night. We just checked in our hotel. It was very difficult to find out our hotel there because of narrow roads there. Jaisalmer is really a small town and there is nothing much to see in jaisalmer except the ‘Jaisalmer Fort’. I recommend not to stay a more than 1 day in Jaisalmer. We did not visit anywhere in Jaisalmer. But our aim was not to go Jaisalmer. We had to go ‘Sam Sand Dunes’ the upcoming day.

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