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Focus is a important part of our lives. Without focus or dedication towards a goal, our lives are meaningless. Chris Bailey who is a productivity expert, public speaker, and a best selling author. He talks about how we can stay focused in life about What Really Matters.

He talks about a life of any average person is influenced by dozens of distractions daily. We wake up with phone, then probably a tv greats us with some morning news, after that we reach office where laptop greeted us.

According to Chris Bailey, in order to stay focused on what matters, we need to remove distractions. Human brain has a craving desire of distraction. Human brain finds it really hard to be on one thing for long.

Dopamine the pleasure chemical is responsible for it. Ever seen how much pleasure you get when you strike off a important thing from your to-do list. Each accomplishment you make gives you happiness. Your body rewards you with a shot of dopamine that makes you happy. This makes humans crave for dopamine, if received by achieving goals, it is good, if received by distractions, then it is bad

So is it that if we remove distractions from our life, then we would be able to be more focused and more inclined to towards our goals. No this is not true. This period of being distraction free is called by our society with the name “boredom”. But Chris Bailey calls it as Over Stimulation. We need to remain more patient

Over stimulation is when you are in your own thoughts and remain self aware not being bothered of surroundings. This period can be really helpful, but equally helpful can be distractions.

A over stimulation period is when we are having bath, or when we are having a nap. We rarely notice our surrounding. We are really productive in our work

When we are in our own thoughts our sub concious mind kicks in. We are able to think differently and become more creative. We are able to think differently and get new different ideas.

This is the time when we have Eureka movements, it is when we see our selves finding solutions to problems that we find outrageous. We start thinking out of box and generate creative, innovative and unconventional mindset

Some times distractions can also be helpful. Ever had a chance when you were writing a letter or email, when you couldn’t get a right word for the sentence. Adding distractions to your life can help in such case. Taking a short break, going to another room, having a nap or drinking coffee. Any kind of such distractions will deviate your mind to different perspective and you are able to think of the right word to fit the sentence.

This raises a really interesting question. Are distractions good or bad. Do we need to stay focused on our work, or we need to invite distractions to our life. Think of a robot. A robot is really focused and a efficient machine, that works with high output.

If humans start to stay focused on there goals, missions and ultimate aims, then we would stay really productive. But we would remain conventional. We would never try to challenge the status quo or be innovative

There needs to be a perfect balance between productivity and creativity. And in most cases creativity comes before productivity. Take this for example, when the Wright Brothers were working on making a aeroplane to bring manned flights and aviation into existence, they required creativity.

They needed to not necessarily invite distractions, but to explore different things. Had they not explored different ideas and designs. They would not be able to decide the right recipe for manned flight. Imagination, unconventionality and out of the box thinking is required to make these things possible and ensure that we can find solutions.

They went places searching or hunting for the solutions to there problem. This exploration period was unproductive but was important in long run. The exploration helped them understand the right thing. Once they found a a solution or a probable solution, they needed to experiment it properly to see if it works.

At that point kicks in the productivity portion. They after that needed to be highly productive and focused in there life goal, which was to iterate there aircraft. And then experiment with the new version. Being highly productive ensured that they could be fast in there work. Once they did they needed to test fly it. Till the time it didn’t work, they went home with new ideas and arguments in mind. They did more exploration till the time they could make it fly.

That is the right #attitude for productivity and creativity. This attitude of maintaining a balance between productivity and creativity is the trick to become highly successful and solve all your problems. First thing is to know what you do, then only you would be able to bring it to reality.

Same is with Apple. Apple under Steve Jobs while designing first iPhone made a amazing balance of productivity and creativity.

When Apple made the first #iPhone , the other phones were clunky and boring. The innitial portion of the time spent for iPhone was basically exploring the options.

They wanted it to be the most #intuitive and user friendly. Every aspect had a major portion of time spent on exploring to find the right way to make it work. Once they achieved desired #results in terms of design. It was the time to switch from productivity to creativity.

They worked day and night to bring production and execution right. It was a perfect balance of productivity and creativity.

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