Preserving the Steve Jobs legacy: iPhone 2018, Who Wants a Stylus?

Apple in 2018, was allegedly providing Stylus with iPhones which Steve Jobs hated. Though allegations turn out to be false.

On 8th January 2007, Steve Jobs took to stage to launch the iPhone. He said, criticizing feature phones and talking about communication with iPhone,

“what we gonna do with all these buttons, we want a gaint screen… A gaint screen… But how would you comkunicate with them. You can’t carry a mouse. What are we gonna do? We are gonna use stylus… Right… We are gonna use a stylus… No…Who wants a stylus. You have to go with them. You can loose them. No body wants a stylus. What are we gonna use. We are gonna use the best pointing device in world. We are born with 10 of them. Our fingers. We have developed a new technology called multi-touch. Which is far ahead of stylus.”

Now remember it was 2007, and it was the first iPhone, multi touch was not a thing. At that time touch had to mean stylus, because they used the previous generation software for same. The previous generation software wanted accuracy to extent of point of mouse, which our fingers do not provide.

At that time it revolutionized the whole thing. Apple it 2018, was expected to pack stylus with the iPhones,though with the recent rumours their seems to be nothing like that, and probably the legacy is saved.

The point is not criticize Apple, thepoint is that stylus is never a solution to make interaction more accurate. Okay stylus is more accurate we have seen it with the S Pen, in Samsung Galaxy Note series.

But Apple is seriously think different material, when they would feel they would improve software because that would insure better experience in long term

They may use Face ID to track fingers and understand the position, theyay use the camera to see our eye balls and understand where we would be pointing but, saying that Apple will use stylus to improve touch accuracy is not way it works. It is a shortcut, Apple would always go the hard way around, for reaching long term goals.

Okay… Apple is not as good as it was with Steve Jobs,he would have not like that YouTube does not play 4k on Safari due to outdated software, or iPhone getting bended but as far as Face ID is concerned. He would have supported it.

Think rationally it is easy for you to lift your phone and get unlocked rather than lifting and then touching the finger. Putting sensor in back may be easy solution, but Steve would have gone with Face ID, Even though it may be slow 5 years from now, it could have always been fast.

Same would have been with touch. Having stylus would have sounded simple, but Apple will never do that. Apple for sure would bring up some new technology to improve it, whenever they succeed in developing it, rather than going easy way



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