Positivity, a necessity!

Psitivity A Necessity

‘Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow’, is rightly said by Helen Keller. #Positivity is an attitude and a tendency to remain optimistic. Positivity can be defined as a way one looks life with. Positivity can be the eyes to see a bright future. As one makes their way for positive life, halfway to success is already covered. Positive thinking is a mental attitude which converts energy to reality. It is usually recognised as the KEY TO SUCCESS. It can be rightly said as a way which leads us to success and the path is filled with happiness and positive thoughts. One should show complete alacrity to have positive thoughts. With positivity in life, one expects the best to happen. A positive attitude helps one cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It reduces #stress which is a common problem among people these days. It makes it easier to manage life and helps to stay healthy. #Positive thinking has a significant effect on a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. It has been rightly said by William Shakespeare,”Our bodies are our gardens- our positive wills are our gardeners.” Consider the example of a famous Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre. She is suffering from metastatic cancer, Even though she has a serious disease, she is being positive in life and rather than expecting negativity and death, she is enjoying her life and is sure that she will overcome this disease as well. There are many other examples around. But examples cannot even have a bit impact on you, unless you yourself sows the seed of positivity in your mind. One needs to recognise these examples and look deeply into the matter. Positivity is not just an attitude, it is a medicine which can cure all types of illness. It has the #magical power of reducing stress and healing negativity from life. Instead of being sad about the problems one has, one should smile because they don’t own all the problems of the world and have the strength of positivity as a guard. So, stop worrying and bring positivity home. It’s free of cost

So, stay happy and positive till my next post…..Thanks for watching the blog!

  • Sakshi Yadav
    I wish everyone i've met on my journey nothing but peace and love. Whether we separated on good, bad or indifferent terms, i wish u well, i wish u success. May u find what u r looking for!!!!

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