Verification Policy

Being Verified on Milyin is a honour granted to Admins, Top Creators, or Notable Entity/Public Figure.This form does not insure your verification. Milyin has the Right To Reject Your Verification Request. Verification on Milyin gives you many rights and duties when you get verified. As a Verfied User, you will have a blue tick appearing in front of your account. It represents credibility. You should be honest true and ethical with everything you do on Milyin. As a verified user, any report from you regarding any Content Creation or any User, shall be prioritized. You will be able to view accounts that have hidden themeselves from public or removed themseleves on User Directory. You will be first contacted for Any changes, and you will get chances for testing newer features first. We expect you to help us build and improve Milyin as a great platform. We expect you to be authentic and generate high quality content. Milyin has the right to unverify an account if after verification, the account seems to be abundant/inactive/incorrect activites. Few Requirments for Applying Are:
  • Authentic: Every Information about you/your entity should be true
  • Public: Your account should be in from User Directory, and your profile should be publicaly accessible.
  • Unique: Your Account should be unique, we cannot verify 2 accounts for same Individual/Organization
You can reapply for Verification if rejected as many times you want. Though, we expect you to Apply again after 30 days, of every rejection. You can apply prior to that also, but repeated requests can cause your account being considered spam. If you become a Verified User, you shall be considered a senior member of family, and you should help and guide newer members of our family for the collective betterment of all at the platform.