Pixel 3: Ship and Iterate, But How will You Innovate

Eric Schmidt, the man who had been CEO of Google before Sundar Pichai and has been the one due to which Google became multi billion dollar enterprise. He presented the idea of ‘Ship and Iterate’. Build a product, show it to public and improve it. The problem in this scheme of action is the word ‘product’

Google at that time had there products softwares. It is really easy to iterate software. Rolling out a update doesn’t require much. But when it comes to hardware relocating a wire among all phones in market, is just not possible. Even difficult is to make a hardware product great, if it is shipped just okay.

In past few days came up the rumours of Pixel v2.1 or as Google will call it Pixel 3. I call it 2.1 because the updates are just incremantal. With incremantal updates you shouldn’t expect radical sales.

Google has to ‘think different’ if they want to sell, thwy are following statys quo. Pixel 3 is expected to have 4 gigs of RAM, 128gigs storage, and Snapdragon 845. The thing is other than camera you don’t have anything to sell. The reason why Apple sell there iPhones is ecosystem, which Google can’t make unique to themselves as Android is Open Source, and hardware is not there cup of tea. Apple also in Apple 2 computers, used microsoft software, because software was not Steve Jobs’ strength

What I believe is, that the cause of this is Ship and Iterate. There is no place of innovation in this set-up. Apple thinks Different. What I believe is that ship and iterate only works, when what you ship is decent enough to be iterated and made great.

I believe Google should work on Fuchsia, there upcoming operating system, make it great, and make it universal. Android can be left open, but Fuchsia can be kept inhouse, and Fuchsia should integrate phones, Chromebooks, and watches. Google without that can’t sell Pixels to iPhone level. Also you can’t work side by side, because by time Fuchsia would be ready to get into the system, Pixel would have lost there small fan following.

I few weeks ago covered up here that, Google has been too eager in there works and spreading themselves way too thin, not allowing them to focus on quality.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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