Personal Development!!!

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The best and first victory

is to conquer self♥️


Personal development means improving yourself, awareness, talents and standard of living. It enhances the quality of life and make us realise of our dreams and aspirations. Personal development is a course which you can do your entire life. It is a lifelong process. This is basically a self help, if you are developing yourself, you are standardising yourself. There are lot of institutions and they assure that by going there you will enhance your personal development. In these institutions personal development takes place with the help of some tools, techniques, assessment system, methods, programs and human personal effort. Personal development can place through different roles like through a teacher or mentor or through personal competency or through professional services like institutes.

There are different things that have been said for the origin of personal development. According to Indian religions personal development is through prayers, singing, dances, Writing, poetry, chanting, Sports and martial arts.
According to Michel Foucault personal development is care of self. He describes that in ancient Greece And Rome it includes Dieting, exercise, contemplation and confession. According to Chinese technique it includes breathing, Energy exercise, meditation, martial arts, dieting , massage and acupuncture.
Some ancient Indians also aspired to beingness, happiness and wisdom.


So as a result there are a lot of methods and techniques about personal development and today we are going to discuss some techniques which we can do for self development. For this we need not to go anywhere and we have to make little efforts in order to develop ourselves. So let’s start.

  1. Drinking More Water : We often neglect the recommendation of drinking eight glasses of water per day. By drinking more water we will be hydrated all day and it also have lot of health benefits. You can drink water by keeping a full glass of water all day around on your table. This is psychology that if we have water in front of us then we are like there is water just drink it. It may seem a small thing but this is the first step towards personal development.
  2.  Feel Gratitude :  We should feel gratitude every day. It requires only five minutes or may be less. Gratitude and positivity helps us to relieve our stress. Even if we are down and we think positively then our stress goes away in seconds. This is proven time by time that people who are grateful for their life are more prone to be successful.
  3. Good Sleep : If we sleep properly we will be fresh. If we don’t take a good sleep we will be little stressful and not in a good mood and bad mood result in anger and previously also I told you all that there are a lot of side-effects of anger so take a good sleep and don’t forget to wake up early.
  4. Eat Healthy : Try to eat whole food instead of processed food. Eat more Fruits as you can. Try to avoid processed and junk food. However this will help in self development in such a way that by avoiding junk and processed food you will be healthy and a healthy lifestyle is basically self-development.
  5. Forgive People : We all do mistakes, try to forgive people if they don’t even ask you to. When you go off grudges you also go off stress and anxiety. If you start to hold grudges you will be full of negativity and stress. So better to forgive everyone. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.
  6. Be With Supportive People : Group matters a lot. What kind of people are there with you. Are they supportive or dominating? You need to know the difference. The people who are supportive and grateful have a vibe of positivity and that helps a lot in development. You are the one who have to choose that what kind of group you want to join.

Personal development will not take even two minutes to start. At the end you are the only one you have so start developing yourself, start living for yourself. I hope that these tips will help you in self development and start developing yourself for yourself. It’s not enough to start you have to keep going. Live your life according to your vision and purpose. Make plans and decide that where you want to see yourself after a year and what you will see after a year will be the reflection of your choices you make now.


It’s not other people’s  job 

to love you, it’s your’s♥️