Oppo: What’s the Point

Oppo Find X copia

Oppo Find X is as Oppo calls it’s new innovation. Oppo Find X has a new concept that allows it to have 95% screen to body ratio. They do it with the help of a motor that rolls out the top bezel. It is not a bezel less phone but a hidden bezel phone. Though it fulfilles the basic intent of a small phone with big display.

Oppo Find X sports Snapdragon 845, 8gigs RAM, 256GB storage and 3730mah Batrery. Oppo believes it can bring it to mainstream market, and compete itself with Xiaomi in lower market and Apple, Samsung in higher market.

The point is that it is not really a product people want. It doesn’t really add to functionality. It is a iteration that is more visible, unlike when iPhone launched it really added to functionality, you could do calls surf web and do mails all in a small device. When Google Pixel came it didn’t really add to functionality to that extent, but it had a brilliant camera as a functionality point. That’s why it has a good consumer response and sales are developing.

When OnePlus launch there phones they are lighter to pockets of people. But when we talk of Oppo Find X, it doesn’t do that bit. The concept Oppo Apex couls be that, where you could turn. On screen without aearchinf for touch id, but for Find X, I would say “What’s the Point”

Oppo should understand the thin line between creativity and innovation. Creativity is defined as use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Where as Innovation is defined as to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

A beautiful painting can be creativity but can’t be innovation. Similarily a great phone can be innovation but not creativity. They need to focus on developingd products similar to the level to make a lead in market.

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